Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner – Review

Product:  Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner

Warranty:  1 year

Cheapest Place to Buy:  Amazon

Why Buy?:  This is a spot cleaner that does deep cleaning in a snap. Do you have pets? Kids? Trouble cleaning stairs? Car interior? etc.

My Rating:  

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Many, many years ago I went to pay a visit to a friend who had just gotten a brand new puppy. These were our younger days when we were all making no money, renting apartments, and worrying about whether or not our security deposits would be refunded to us once we moved out.

So, when I saw her new puppy peeing on their living room carpet (gasp!) I was wondering just how she was going to go about cleaning it up!

She was the one who introduced me to my soon-to-be lifelong best friend, lol, the Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner.

At the time, I had an already house-trained dog, and two very well behaved cats. However, not too long afterwards my cat became ill and started having “poop” accidents right beside her litter box (go figure), which is the point at which I purchased my own Bissell Little Green.

Fast forward a few years later, and more potential for messes arrived in the form of 2 babies…and more puppies and cats throughout the years.

I am now on my 2nd Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner. I wish I could remember just how long my first one lasted me, but I know it was a ridiculous amount of years before it finally clunked out. Eventually the suction completely stopped working, which is the whole point of a deep cleaner so I had to toss it. But, due to the reliability, and performance of the 1st one I went and purchased another.

There is a similar, but slightly higher priced model than this one that I kind of wish I would have opted for, since it includes a feature for heating the water, but I think the one I have now does the trick. After all this is just a spot cleaner, not an overall cleaner for the entire room.

Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner ReviewHow it Works:

  • Unit plugs into the wall (not cordless)
  • Tank should be filled with a mix of cleaning formula and water (tank easily slides in an out, no hooks, or clasps)
  • By pushing a button on the nozzle, you control how much cleaning fluid you want to spray onto the carpet
  • Nozzle has a brush attached to it so you can scrub out the stains
  • Unit suctions up the fluid through the nozzle and hose and into a separate tank
  • The dirty water tank then needs to be emptied out (slides in and out the same way the cleaning fluid tank does)

Some reviewers complained that the spray of the cleaning fluid fanned out over too wide of an area, but that doesn’t make much sense to me because if you hold the nozzle near, or on, the carpet it doesn’t have a chance to fan out at all. But, if you WANT it to fan out into a larger area, you just hold the nozzle up high (science 101).


  • Small and compact, easy to carry around, and then store away when it’s not needed
  • Cleans extremely well, mostly due to sufficient amount of suction, and the tough brush head
  • Brush head is tough enough to stand up to scrubbing without wearing out
  • You can squirt the solution, scrub the carpet, and suction everything up all with the singular nozzle, and the push of just one button (or, two, if you count the button to turn the unit on)
  • They have a pet solution that is compatible with the unit
  • Great for cleaning stairs, furniture and cars
  • Use as much, or as little, solution as you want; you control how much cleaning fluid comes out by pushing the spray button
  • Environmentally friendly; PVC-free tanks and hose, earth friendly cleaning formulas are available
  • I’ve heard complaints about cleaners that stop squirting the fluid due to clogs, but as far as my experience goes this has never been an issue with this model cleaner


  • If you are using it to clean up pet messes, or other smelly things, you will need to dump the dirty water out of the tank prior to using it again. Otherwise, it will emit a horrible aroma the next time you turn it on and stink up your entire room. Remember, it uses suction to get all the yuck out of your carpet, and if you let that sit in the tank you won’t be happy (trust me, I’ve made that mistake).
  • Dirty water tank can be hard to clean if you don’t keep up with it (you cannot get to the inside of it to scrub it out)
  • The nozzle (the part that suctions) tends to retain a bit of the solution after each cleaning, so when I secure the hose back to the unit I usually get a bit of cleaner dripped on my hand. That’s probably being a bit picky on my part, it’s not major, just a bit of an annoyance.

I consider this type of cleaner somewhat of a “life hack”, just imagine how long it would have taken to scrub up stains in the olden days!

Overall, I’m happy with my Bissell Little Green (two of them!), and it beats getting on my hands and knees to clean! Click HERE to purchase your Bissell Little Green.

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