Dog Poop Bag Carrier – The Fifth Paw Review

Product: The Fifth Paw, Hands Free Poop Bag Carrier Leash Attachment

Why Buy?: I don’t know about you, but I’m so done with carrying bags of poop on walks with my dog! This product is a huge problem solver for me!

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Dog Poop Bag Carrier, by The Fifth Paw, Product Overview

A simple product for a simple solution, and I’m excited about it! This product is a device that secures to just about any flat dog leash, and will carry your dog’s poop bag/s so you don’t have to! This will improve the quality of those enjoyable walks with Fido, that have the potential to become not so enjoyable, should Fido decide to poop and leave you holding the bag.

Why Not Save The Expense And Carry My Dog’s Poop Bag Myself?

As a responsible dog owner, I’ve come to realize that scooping the poop is inevitable, but carrying it is not. I wanted to find a product that was simple to use, while possessing all of the features I needed. Now you may be saying, come on, how many features could you possibly need within a dog poop bag carrier?! But, don’t laugh, I had some very specific thoughts in mind before I would buy.

My Product Requirements Prior To Purchasingdog poop bag carrier the fifth paw review

  • Durability: An obvious one. I wanted a strong, secure product that would not crack, or break. For example, I had tried a product in the past that consisted of two parts, a container to hold the poop, and a cap to close it up. The cap had a hook that attached to the leash handle, but once the poop bag was put in the container, the weight of it would eventually cause it to slip away from the cap, leaving it dangling from the leash. I didn’t want this kind of design for my next purchase.
  • No Smell: The idea of placing a dog poop bag in a container is not very appealing to me. The stench ends up going through the bag, and you end up with a smelly container. So, no enclosed containers for me!
  • Must Carry More Than 1 Poop Bag: I always cross my fingers that my dog poops only once (preferably zero) on our walk, but occasionally he presents me with a double surprise. Some products are good for holding one bag of poop, but not two. I also, at times, walk two dogs at the same time.
  • Must Not Attach To Leash Handle: This goes back to the no smell thing. Most of the other dog poop bag carriers I’ve seen attach to the handle of the leash giving you intermittent smells of poop every time the wind blows. I wanted a product that I could attach a little further away from my nostrils.
  • Must Allow Me To Be Hands Free: I’m already juggling a dog on a leash, so any type of poop carrying device must allow me to be hands free, and completely forget that it exists.
  • No Velcro!: I’ve seen good velcro, and bad velcro, sometimes working well, sometimes not. I preferred a product that did not need to be fastened with velcro.
  • Poop Bag Must Not Tangle, Twist, Or Slide On Leash: I wanted a no fuss product that would ensure my poop bag would stay put.

So How Did ‘The Fifth Paw, Hands Free Poop Bag Carrier Leash Attachment’ Measure Up To My Requirements?

The reason I became such a believer in this product was because it fulfilled all of my above listed requirements. The product has proven to be durable, carry multiple poop bags, attaches anywhere I want on my leash (NOT with velcro), and is no fuss. The product has a rotating ring which has prevented any of my dog’s poop bags from twisting or tangling around the leash. The only minor draw back is that regardless of how far down the leash you hang the bag, at times you may still get a whiff of poop. So, although it’s not the fault of the product, I can’t say it is perfect either. But, until someone waves their magic wand to create a better way, I’m sticking with this product, and would highly recommend it for anyone who walks their dog. Click here if you would like to purchase this product.

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