About Me


Hello everyone! My name is Carol, and I have been fascinated with the demeanor in dogs since as far back as I can remember. I recall at a very young age beginning to observe my own dogs and wondering, “why does my dog always do that?”. That was the beginning of my passion and desire to finding out the answers.

One might say I’ve had a pawsitively dog-filled life. I’ve had many dogs in my life (I can’t live without one), volunteered at a shelter, owned a dog walking company, written multiple dog articles for other blogs, taken classes, read and researched relentlessly, and am always the go-to dog watcher when friends or family go out of town. And, oh yes! Most importantly, I am the current, and proud owner of a beautiful Goldendoodle named Amos!

I created this site with the objective of helping you to uncover the facts about your dog’s behaviors. Learning what your dog’s behavior means will allow you to better understand your pet. Why is this important? For many reasons! It can help you to detect health issues, what your dog’s wants and needs are, when he is displaying positive vs negative behavior, what his fears are, what makes him happy…..you get the idea. But most of all it will help you to develop a closer bond with your pet.

I hope you enjoy reading all about dog demeanor on this site, and if you have any comments or questions please be sure to leave them in the comments section below each page.

Have a wonderful day!


Founder of Doggie Demeanor


email: support@doggiedemeanor.com