Dog Health

Dog health

Veterinarian care is important for your dog and is the number one thing that most people think of when referring to their dog’s health. Typical veterinarian care consists of the following:

  • yearly well-checks/vaccinations
  • spaying (female dog)/neutering (male dog)
  • flea and tick prevention
  • heart worm prevention

But the health and well-being of your dog encompasses numerous other things as well. A few of which are noted below:

  • nutrition/daily food
  • grooming
  • training
  • toxic foods to avoid
  • exercise
  • dog park safety
  • travel safety

Many times if a dog isn’t feeling well we won’t even notice. Where humans tend to complain when not feeling well, dogs obviously don’t have that ability, nor do they aim to get our sympathy through their actions. With regular vet checks, and watching your pets demeanor, you can learn to spot when your pet may need some special care.

The pages within this site will help to guide you through the many things you can do as a human parent to provide care to your pet both physically and mentally.

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