Best Dog Food Bowls – Why Didn’t I Think of That!

Best dog food bowlsHow does one go about finding the best dog food bowls when there are zillions of them on the market to choose from? They all claim to be the best, of course, and weeding through them can take hours of your time. Never fear, I’ve done the work for you. 🙂

The purpose of my search was to find a dog food bowl to solve every eating issue. Perhaps your dog is a hopelessly messy eater, throws up upon devouring his food in 3 seconds flat, or has long ears that dip into feeding bowls. Whatever the case, where there’s a bowl there’s a way…so after much exploration, scrutiny, and pondering I’ve narrowed the list down to my favorites, adding them only if they’ve received favorable reviews by consumers.

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The list of best dog food bowls on the market are…

Dog Bowl For Slow Eating – Slow That Dog Down!

There are many reasons why dogs may develop a habit of inhaling their food way too fast, but the bottom line is, it’s not healthy. Gobbling food without chewing thoroughly can cause a dog to choke, throw up, or get bloat. If you are not familiar with bloat, that is when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, and in some cases causes the stomach to rotate, or twist. One way to prevent dogs from eating too fast is to change out their food bowl. The Northgate Green Slow Feeder dog bowl was created to slow down a dog’s eating by presenting the food in a puzzle-like manner making it a mentally challenging, but fun, way for dogs to first find, and then eat, their food.

  • dishwasher safe? ⇒ Yes
  • Comes in different sizes? ⇒ Yes, small & large
  • Comes in different colors? ⇒ No, it’s cleverly designed in green to look like a tuft of grass

=>View Video to See How Product Works<=


Dog Bowls For Messy Eaters/Sloppy Drinkers

Oh the joys of having water and food slopped all over your clean floors and walls. My favorite solution, and one that I personally have tried, is the Neater Feeder dog bowl. This bowl has a splash guard, as well as a base that serves as a reservoir for water spills to fall into. If you didn’t catch my full review on this product you can see it HERE along with product video.

  • Dishwasher safe? ⇒ Yes
  • Comes in different sizes? ⇒ Yes – 3 sizes
  • Comes in different colors? ⇒ Yes – cranberry or bronze

Neater Feeder dog bowls


Dog Bowl For Long Ears

I really can’t imagine having my ears hang into my bowl every time I attempted to eat or drink. So, luckily someone was paying attention to the eating dilemma of those long floppy-eared dogs. The Kruuse Buster Incredibowl dog bowl is designed in an oblong shape to keep ears out of the bowl and, therefore, clean and dry!

  • Dishwasher safe? ⇒ Yes
  • Comes in different sizes? ⇒ Yes – 2 sizes: small/34 oz & large/68 oz
  • Comes in different colors? ⇒ Yes – lime green, navy blue, dark gray & magenta red

Kruuse Incredibowl


 Automatic Feeder Dog Bowl

When your schedule doesn’t allow you to be home during your dog’s feeding, treat, or medication time, you can program the Go Smart Pet Feeder to do it for you. Using Wi-fi and any smart phone (works with iOS, Android or Windows) you can program up to 6 scheduled feeding times. Wi-fi is only needed when programming the schedule, beyond that, even if reception is lost, the feeder will still dispense the food regardless. The food compartments are nearly air tight so whether feedings include wet or dry food it will stay fresh. Logging in to your account allows you to view your pet through a webcam while you are away, or change your pets feeding schedule at any time. It even has a voice recorder so you can call your pet when it’s time to eat. Beats paying a pet sitter!

  • Dishwasher safe? ⇒ Yes (for the inner food compartment)
  • Comes in different sizes? ⇒ No – each compartment holds up to an 8 oz cup size
  • Comes in different colors? ⇒ No – white only

=>View video to see how product works<=


PawNosh dog bowls – Handmade in the USA

Okay, so these bowls don’t do anything particularly special, but they are non-toxic, manufactured in the USA – and darn attractive! If you’re looking for a stylish dog bowl sure to blend with any decor then the PawNosh dog bowls are the ones for you. Made from 100% recycled glass they practically shimmer right through the computer screen. These are heavy duty and come with a lifetime warranty against breakage (note: warranty is voided if bowl is microwaved, used in oven, or freezer).

  • Dishwasher safe? ⇒ Yes
  • Comes in different sizes? ⇒ Yes – 3 sizes: mini, regular & deluxe
  • Comes in different colors? ⇒ Yes – Aqua, celery & tangerine

PawNosh dog bowlPawNosh dog bowls


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