Neater Feeder Review – Bowls For Messy Dogs

Product: Neater Feeder Dog Bowls

Product Size: Comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, large); product works for any size dog

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Neater Feeder Dog Bowl, Product Overview

Neater feeder dog bowls are for any dog that is VERY MESSY when they EAT or DRINK.

You Get: Two stainless steel bowls that drop into a base, with a lower reservoir to catch water spills. A splash guard prevents any food or water from spilling out onto your floor. Spilled food remains contained within the unit, but separated from spilled water, which flows beneath the unit into the reservoir.

This means your messy dog won’t leave behind an array of food and water spills for you to clean up off your floor.


  • Product is strong and sturdy to withstand being bumped and pushed around from larger breeds
  • Hardwood floors won’t get damaged by water; walls won’t get splashed; tile grout won’t get stained
  • No more slipping on wet floors, or stepping in water with bare feet or socks
  • Has non-skid feet so your dog can’t push the bowls across the floor
  • Is dishwasher safe, or very easy to wipe clean by hand if you prefer
  • Comes in 3 sizes making it suitable for any size dog from small to large
  • Separates spilled food from spilled water
  • Messes stay contained within the unit, saving you the hassle of cleanup after your dog’s meal and drink times


  • There are some pretty stylish looking dog bowls on the market these days, this isn’t one of them. Although they look decent enough, some may think they are a bit bulky looking.
  • Most likely won’t solve the problem of a dog who likes to remove his food from his bowl, place it on the floor first, and then eat.
  • May not be full proof for a dog with huge jowls that seem to fill with water and drip everywhere. It should work fine while the dog’s head is above the bowl, and I do think the splash guard may help to keep the dog’s head more still while drinking, but there’s nothing to prevent dripping jowls once your dog walks away.

So, Are These Bowls Worth The Money?

Despite the fact that these bowls didn’t work for my purposes (I’ll explain), I would highly recommend them. My foster dog (who is my messy eater) is one of those dogs that likes to remove his food from his bowl, drop it on the floor, and only then will he proceed to eat it. Despite the great design of these bowls, this is one issue that they will not resolve.

However, if you just have a plain old messy dog that drinks sloppily, or sticks his face into his bowls and sends his kibble flying, then these bowls are pretty great! After filling the bowls with food and water, I did some of my own testing by kicking the bowls around a bit to see how much it could withstand before the the bowls contents would bypass the splash guard and end up on the floor. Turns out it can withstand quite a bit before losing it’s contents. So, for this, along with the “pros” listed above, I have to say I was impressed.

For most messy eaters and drinkers the Neater Feeder bowls offer a true solution to a pretty big problem.

Click here to purchase your Neater Feeder.

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