Best Dog Car Seat Cover – Review

Product: 4Knines Rear Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

Colors: Black, Grey, Tan

Warranty: Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

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For the longest time, and for whatever reason, I had never thought to buy a dog car seat cover, until the day of, “the last straw”. I had decided to go hiking during a particularly rainy week and found myself in quite a bind after my dog had stepped off the path and into some thick mud. If you are a dog owner you know where I am coming from when I say that getting mud off a dog’s paws is not an easy task. Furthermore, getting a dog with muddy paws to keep your car clean on the ride home is very much an impossible task.

And then, of course, my dog happens to be one of those crazy, anxious car riders that feels the need to jump from window to window, tracking all that mess from his paws onto every inch of my back seat. I don’t even want to begin reminiscing about how filthy my car was when I got home (or how long it took to clean it!)

So, this is the point where I began my search for a dog car seat cover, and since I found one that I love probably more than any dog product that I own, I wanted to share my review.

Best dog car seat cover - ReviewWhat I Look For In A Dog Car Seat Cover

  • Since one of our household cars has cloth seats, getting a waterproof dog car seat cover was important. In addition, our other car has leather seats, so finding a cover that wouldn’t slip around on them while in use was of equal importance.
  • Not only did I want to protect my seats form water and mud, but also from hair (which sticks horribly to fabric car seats), and from claws (which, over time, can do a number on any kind of car seat).
  • In the event that I had the seat cover in the car, and found myself having to transport back seat passengers, I wanted a cover that didn’t need to be removed in order to do this. This means there needed to be slits where the seat belts could come through to be used.
  • Since we use both of our cars to transport our dog, I wanted to be able to quickly, and easily, switch the car seat cover from one car to another with no hassle.
  • I wanted a smooth type of material so that it would be easy to wipe clean, or hose off, while not being slippery for my dog.
  • My dog, being the crazy back seat rider that he is, creates two problems. First, he sometimes falls forward off the seat when I come to a stop, so I need to drive very carefully! And, second, he will occasionally try to jump into the front seat even though he is well aware that it is a no-no. So I was thrilled to find out there are hammock style dog car seat covers that help with both of these issues.
  • Consumers who had written reviews on some of the other covers that I had considered purchasing had stated that those covers had torn, or the straps to hold them in place broke, so I wanted a warranty, just in case!

So, How Did The 4Knines Rear Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover Hold Up To My Requirements?

I have been more than pleased with this product!


  • Durability: Dogs have claws, and claws can scratch and/or poke holes in fabric and leather car seats. Despite the abuse from my 70 pound dog, this cover is holding up to its promise of durability, and has protected the car seats very well.
  • Waterproof: After reading reviews of other similar products and seeing complaints of so-called “waterproof” covers not being the case, I was hoping for the best. But I have had wet paws and snow tracked in the car with no seepage going through to the seat.
  • Has velcro to close off the slits where the seat belts can come through. This is important because without this feature, dirt, hair, or sand can easily slide through the slits and onto our seats, defeating the purpose of the cover in the first place. This is an issue with some of the other covers on the market.
  • Coverage: The “regular” size fits over the full length of the backseat of both our Honda CRV and Chevy Cruz.
  • Non-slip: Has a rubber, non-slip backing to keep it from sliding around on leather seats. The cover also has seat anchors which look kind of like small handles that you smoosh into the crevice where the seat back and seat bottom meet, which is the other feature that prevents it from sliding. Even with my large dog doing tons of moving around, I haven’t had issues with the cover sliding, or bunching. I use it hammock style which also helps with sliding, but I have used it non-hammock style once or twice and didn’t have sliding issues that way either.
  • Easy to install, which means switching from car to car is fairly simple. You lay it across your seat, insert the seat anchors into the crevice of the seat, and attach the straps around the headrests, and that’s it! Do NOT buy this cover if your car doesn’t have headrests, it won’t work.
  • Can use it two ways, either hammock style, or just lay regularly over the seat. Since, at times, I have both a dog and a human passenger in the back seat at the same time, this is a must.
  • Easy to clean: Has a smooth surface that is easy to wipe clean, while at the same time is not slippery for the dog while being bumped around during a drive. I’ve already had mud, dog hair, water and snow tracked in, and it has been easy to do quick wipe-downs with a damp cloth.
  • Comes in 3 colors: black, tan, and grey, so you can match it to the decor of your car.
  • Comes in 2 sizes: regular (for most vehicles) and x-large (for very large trucks or SUV’s)
  • Dual purpose….not necessarily just for the dog….leave it in place if you have kids, and you’ll get protection against dog AND kid messes!
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


  • Pretty much, none! However, there is one thing I can possibly see being an issue for some, and that would be that when used as a hammock style, the part of the cover that is not laying on the seat (the part that is above the floor and attaches to the headrest of the front seats) is not meant to consistently hold the weight of a very large dog. So, if your large dog is consistently laying on it, I imagine over time it could present an issue. I’m not sure that any dog would find that a comfortable spot to lie though, and it would certainly hold up to the occasional fall. Also, that issue could be remedied by discontinuing using it as a hammock style as the product is designed to be used either way.
  • Cannot be used in cars without headrests since this is what the straps wrap around to hold it in place.

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