Best Bike Dog Leash-Dogger Jogger Review

Best bike dog leash-Dogger Jogger ReviewProduct: Dogger Jogger Bike Dog Leash

Colors: Red, blue, black, silver, pink

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Riding a bike with a dog can be a truly rewarding experience for both dog and owner. For a dog it means the freedom to run at speeds which cannot be accomplished through walks. For dog owner it means peace of mind in knowing your dog’s pent up energy has been released to the fullest extent.

The Dogger Jogger bike dog leash allows for a SAFE way to leash your dog to your bike without having to worry about actually hanging on to the leash, or having your dog pull you over.

Why Did I Purchase the Dogger Jogger Bike Dog Leash?

Let me take a moment to express my sheer annoyance at all the high priced dog bike leashes out there. In my experience, this is one area where you DO NOT need to spend a lot of MONEY! All you need is a leash that allows you to be hands free, is safe and easy to use, and that you and your dog enjoy. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not saying the other products out there don’t work, but the Dogger Jogger is nicely priced, and works every bit as good, if not better.

A few years ago, before I even knew biking with a dog was a “thing”, I had attended a dog expo in the Chicagoland area. I was intrigued by a demonstration being performed for a potential buyer at a booth selling the Dogger Jogger. I was an avid bike rider, and a total dog lover, how could I never have heard of this!

As I watched the owner enthusiastically discussing his product, it wasn’t difficult to see that he spoke with passion, and had a true belief in what the Dogger Jogger had to offer. I then stepped up to ask my own questions…being a complete newbie, I had plenty of them. However, it didn’t take long before I found myself eager to purchase the product and try it for myself.

Once home, it was easy as 1-2-3 to attach the leash to my bike (literally takes under 30 seconds). Now, the scary part…I have a 70 pound dog that tends to pull on walks…would he pull me over as we rode?

As it turns out I had nothing to worry about, my dog took to it almost immediately, and not once did I feel fearful of being pulled over. The moment my dog got to running, his behavior and mindset changed…he became solely focused on the activity…weeeeee!…he was free to run as dogs are meant to do! (If you haven’t read my article on my experience in riding a bike with a dog, you can read it HERE.)

Fast forward 2 years later…I am still using the same product, and still loving it as much as I did the day I bought it (and my dog has no complaints either.)

How Does the Dogger Jogger Work?Best bike dog leash Dogger Jogger Review

The Dogger Jogger comes with nylon straps with snap hooks. One attaches to the bike pedal, and one attaches to the rear axel on the bike frame. Both of those then attach to a nylon bungee leash which, of course, then attaches to your dog’s collar. The bungee leash, as well as the attachment locations, prevents the rider from feeling any pull from the dog, and prevents the bike from toppling over completely.

What Kind of Dog is the Dogger Jogger Good For?

All of them! I had questioned whether or not my 70 pound puller who is a heck of a lot stronger than me would be a good candidate for this activity. But really, any dog that likes to run, no matter how big or small, can use this leash.

How Does the Dogger Jogger Prevent a Dog From Pulling the Bike Over?

Initially, I couldn’t see why I needed a special leash, why not just tie my regular dog leash to my bike? But, a specially designed leash really does make all the difference. First, the bungee in the leash successfully does its job in preventing the rider from feeling any pull from the dog, and also from pulling the bike over. Second, the strategically selected locations on the bike in which the leash attaches ensures stability.


  • Easy to attach/detach; 20 second installation
  • Does not require hardware, brackets, or tools
  • Easily detaches from bike to be used as a regular leash once destination is reached
  • Compact enough to fit in your bike’s storage, or in a pocket when not in use
  • Made from typical nylon leash materials; no hard plastics, or metals that could poke your dog, or cause injury should you fall
  • Designed to keep your dog in the “safety zone” beside your bike (same position as if you were walking your dog by your side)
  • Works with any size dog, from small to x-large
  • Priced lower than most bike dog leashes on the market
  • Will not scratch, or ding, the frame of your bike


  • Contains a breakaway feature that allows a dog to separate safely, should entaglement occur. Although a great feature to have, there may be the possibility of a dog breaking away unexpectedly.
  • Some dogs may not take to running beside a bike (although this is dog specific, and not truly the fault of the product itself).

If you’re ready to take your dog for a run with the Dogger Jogger, you can purchase it HERE.

Have you ridden a bike with a dog? Please share your experience in the comments section below!

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